A non-profit organization

The Digital Bible Foundation (FDB) is a non-profit organization: its Assets are oriented to the completion of its non-profitable purposes. The raison d’être of the FDB consists on studying, researching and diffusing the Bible based on the new digital and communication technologies. The main goal of the FDB consists on increasing the contact with the Bible for all generations and all over the world. We promote also a more complete reading of the Bible by using the new digital technologies, and at the same time by emphasizing the Biblical values, which are good for the construction of the human person and for the transformation of this world.

The technological updating of the Bible

The Spanish Cultural authorities have declared the Digital Bible Foundation a non-profit institution of a high cultural interest. That means that the main goal of the FDB consists on the diffusion of the Bible for a better and a broader contact to Sacred Scriptures, and in the end, for the development of culture. It is important to notice that the Western Culture rests on the Jewish and Christian values of the Bible. Therefore, the FDB has the priority of the diffusion of the Bible because this book is the origin of the ethical framework of humankind. The Bible needs to be known due to the mentioned values, but the contact to it must be updated due to the current technological revolution. The FDB is committed to create the digital resources for the Bible, so that the Bible will be present in the arenas of the new international communication world of Internet and other media.

Free, Fundraising and Donations

The eBible project needs a financial support for the organization of the work, for the creation of the Biblical and technological tools and for the creation and maintenance of a structure of communication in Internet and social networks, so that the Bible will be diffused all over the world. The FDB is an independent organization created exclusively for its non-profitable raison d’être and its mission. The FDB offers innovative and original digital products of the Bible: eBooks, Biblical Narratives in audiovisual format, Biblical Values, Bible Courses, digital Lectio divinas, interactive Blogs, presence in the Social Networks, Newsletters, etc. All of these creations are offered for free and in the two main languages of Internet (English and Spanish), so that whoever person can take advantage of it. We want to complete our main goal: whoever person, it does matter the region of the World or the social origin, can access easily to our creations, so that he/she will have contact with the Bible, read it, study it, and finally discover and apply its values to himself/herself. Therefore, the dimension and effect of this project depends to a large extent on your donations, either private or from institutions. In conclusion, it depends of those interested in promoting the objectives of the FDB.

Legal regulations on the patronage and tax exemption for donors

The FDB is a non-profit institution regulated by the Spanish Regulations on Patronage. In that sense, the FDB is an official institution, and that means that is under the inspection of the State Spanish Administration, which supervises the statements of finance, and the accounts of the FDB. Since a Foundation is exempt from Spanish State income tax, the Spanish Government supervises that the FDB’s income is really destined to our non-profit activities. In addition, donors to the FDB have also tax exemptions, so the FDB can issue certificates of donations, so that donors could take advantage of tax exemptions.

You can specify the concrete use of a donation

A donor can assign the concrete destination of his/her donations. You can express to which part of the project your donation will be addressed: to a concrete eBook, to the audio book and music of an eBook, to a concrete Biblical Narration, a Values Program, to the Bible courses of the FDB, etc.

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