The core of our mission consists on a deep commitment to foster and to spread the contact and the study of the Bibleall over the world and in all generations through technological projects and digital productions in the context of the New Digital Era.


  • We seek to empower the contact with the Bible by updating it in the context of the new digital culture of our days. We give priority in our work to the creation of digital and learning productions, so that the reading of the Bible can be a more stimulating and instructive experience.
  • We seek to guarantee a broader use of the Bible all over the World. The Bible must be close at hand for all persons in the digital media. We are experiencing a technological revolution and the Bible must be a model of accessibility.
  • We seek to create modern digital platforms where one can interact with the Bible and have more complete knowledge of the Biblical world.


  • Freedom and responsibility. We recognize that the human person must be the core of whatever proposal. We emphasize two concepts that complement each other: freedom and responsibility. We recognize that the Gospel is the best model of freedom and responsibility in the construction of the human person, and the Beatitudes are particularly the best Biblical proposal on freedom and responsibility. In a word, we recognize that the Bible is the best reference for the human person.
  • Commitment and respect. We demonstrate commitment and respect for one another. We strive for protecting the dignity of the human person of whatever race, religion and culture she/he belongs. We follow the Gospel, and that means that we strive for placing the human person in the core of all social priorities.
  • Social transformations. We aspire to transform the society by giving value to our biblical roots. We recognize that Jewish and Christian values deserve being an exemplary social reference. We particularly take into account the crisis of values that European and American societies are experiencing. We detect that this crisis is caused by the lack of Biblical values that are the core of our identity.
  • Justice and peace. We radically opt for justice and peace by taking the Gospel as a model of justice. We strive for constructing a fair society inspired by the Biblical values of the Jewish and Christian tradition.
  • Integrity. We are honest and transparent; we are ethical in all that we do. We recognize that clarity and transparence must prevail in our actions. We are ethical in our management of the FDB; we like transparency. We apply the same integrity to in our activities of diffusion and promotion of the Bible. In this sense, the Bible is the best reference for integrity and transparency.
  • Cooperation. We value cooperation with other institutions that promote and diffuse the Bible or the Biblical values for the transformation of society. We believe that plurality is a value for collaboration between institutions.
  • Innovation and dynamism. We are committed to using the new digital technologies of communication and information. We seek to update the Bible by using new technologies. In the end, our a main goal consits on having a bigger presence of the Bible in the new Digital Era.
  • Professionalism and experience. We consistently demonstrate professionalism and experience in the analysis and research of the Bible and in the creation of the digital tools that we product for the Bible. We product Biblical creations that are the result of a complete Biblical study and research. We aspire to work rigorously in the research on the Bible. We believe that, if our artifacts are the result of research on Biblical values, we will transform also social values.
  • Equality. We recognize and acknowledge the strength that comes from equality and diversity. We believe that human beings are equal in dignity and opportunities, no matter sex, religion, culture, etc. In this sense, the Bible is the best example of equality.
  • Environment.We seek for a clean environment and a care of the nature. We strive for the diffusion of the Biblical values on the defense of the Creation and on the ethics of ecology.
  • Autonomy. We are autonomous in the sense that we don’t belong to a private or a public institution. Our commitment is the Bible and its diffusion in this digital era, and this commitment is the base of our autonomy.