How can I buy the eBooks of the eBible?

There are two ways of purchasing the eBible:

- Download our App for iOS and Android. You will have access to all of our digital products in that App.

- Download only the eBooks in iTunes and Google Play stores. You will have less digital offer (there are not video) and the eBooks are slightly more expensive that those in the App.

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Why our digital products are so cheap?

We don’t charge the eBooks with a lucrative purpose. We try to cover the minimal cost for the production of our digital offer. By paying the minimum we want you to feel you are a contributor of the product and you help in the effort of the production of it.

Who can gain access to the products of the eBible (eBook and video) for free?

This access is for free for those who are eBible Volunteers. An eBible Volunteer is that person who contributes to spread a digital use of the Bible in the context of the new digital technologies within the programs of Biblical promotion of the Digital Bible Foundation. We invite you to get info in the section of VOLUNTEERS on our webpage.

How can I get a Certificate of Donation of my deposit?

When you make a donation, you will have the option of receiving or not a Certificate of Donation. If you choose "YES", you will receive in a few days an email with your Certificate, which is also valid for TAX statements.

I would like to enroll in the Biblical Courses. How can I enroll? How much are the fees? Can the Volunteers enroll for free?

I you wish to enroll in the Biblical Courses, you need to access to the course platform (HERE) and register in it with a user name and a password. Once you are in the platform, you will be able to enroll in the different Biblical Courses. The fees are quite affordable because there is not a lucrative interest, but covering the minimal costs of organization of the courses. If you are a VOLUNTEER OF THE eBIBLE you have the possibility of free access to these courses.

I am registered as a Volunteer of the eBible, how long can I benefit from a free access to the offer of the eBible?

The Volunteer of the eBible has this benefit durings his/her limited time of voluntary work. However, if he/she wants to continue as volunteer, once he/she has finished his/her voluntary work, she/he can apply for a new voluntary service by following the same enrollment process as he/she did for the first time, so at the end he/she will keep profiting for the free access to the eBible.