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The inhalation of glue by poor children in Myanmar is very frequent nowadays. They live in a very extreme situation of poverty and society’s neglect. For instance, we report the case of a 14 years old child who lost his father and left the primary school in the fifth year.

His mother gave birth to a new brother ten days ago, and the family had to pay a debt of 30.000 kyats ($ 37). They don’t have any money for food and he says,

since we don’t have any money for paying the debt, I breathe in glue and I forget this matter”. . He prefers to buy a tin of glue for half a dollar “because, if I buy a tin, I manage to eat nothing for an entire day. So my frustrations disappear, and I even don’t feel hurt if somebody hits me in a quarrel. I feel good when I inhale....

 children, 14 years old.

One could question if God is present in this type of situations. One also could doubt if the Bible is an instrument for solving these problems. “I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat” is the Biblical sentence, but this is dead letter if we don’t put in practice its message. “Let the children come to me” is another very famous sentence of the Gospel, which is known by believers and atheists. However children feel more and more alone and abandoned. The poor child sniffs glue so that he forgets hunger and frustrations. The rich child consumes video games, so he / she forgets boredom and frustrations too. The child of Myanmar didn’t have any contact with an important religious book, due to his dropout of school. The rich child didn’t have any contact with the Bible because his/her brain is a video game in itself. God gave us the world and our brothers as both equals and sons of God. Why our world is so unequal and unfair? It is our fault. We have the duty before God of giving him back an equal and better world. It is also our vocation that of spreading the Bible to everybody. The Bible is a relief, a hope, a response and finally an arm against frustration. We ought to give something to the hungry; and so we have to provide God’s Word to the meek, to the children who sniff glue and watch video games. We are sure that they will breathe an air of hope and a scent of God in their hearts.

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